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Date Posted: 02/07/2018

LivingWorks Education is a world leader in the suicide prevention training field. A Calgary-based social enterprise with a thirty-year history, LivingWorks designs, develops and delivers award-winning training programs that help individuals, organizations and communities become safer from suicide.

In 2016, LivingWorks’ network of over 8000 community trainers taught suicide prevention and intervention skills to more than 170,000 people in 37 countries and territories. Since 1983, more than 1.5 million people have attended LivingWorks programs. LivingWorks’ contributions to suicide prevention have been recognized by the United Nations in addition to many local and national governments and organizations.

LivingWorks exists as a social enterprise and prides itself on directing some of its profits to enhancing suicidology.

LivingWorks is currently recruiting a President to lead its dynamic and talented organization.


Reporting to the Board of Directors, the President will provide outstanding leadership and direction and will manage all activities of the organization. Building upon a very successful history and outstanding reputation, the President will ensure that the leadership team acts and delivers on the vision and mission and that the values and core beliefs are maintained. The President will ensure the continued growth and success of the organization.


The President is invested with broad responsibilities and authority. Portions of these can be delegated but not the overall responsibility of the sustainability, growth and profitability of the business.


• To recommend to the Board leadership team appointments and to maintain a first class and effective leadership team.
• To evaluate the senior leadership team and to ensure that effective succession planning is in place.
• To effectively manage and direct the complexities of the leadership team’s responsibilities.
• To represent LivingWorks within the suicide prevention field and the general public.
• To manage the creation of an appropriate vision and long-term growth strategy for the organization to be agreed upon by the board.
• To successfully communicate and implement the company’s strategy as agreed to by the board.
• To develop and put in place strategic operating plans and budgets for the organization that reflect both short and long term objectives and priorities of the board.

Operations and Controls

• To ensure appropriate and satisfactory systems are in place for monitoring performance against plans and budgets.
• To ensure that members of the leadership team put in place effective systems and controls throughout the organization, covering nonfinancial as well as financial controls.
• To ensure that operating objectives and standards of performance are not only understood but owned by the leadership team and all employees.
• To ensure that the organization and its activities comply with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements and, where appropriate, best practice.
• To ensure that appropriate standards of conduct are established and complied with.

Communication and Reporting

• To liaise with the board and keep them informed.
• To report to the board regularly on all aspects of the operations both at board meetings and at other times.
• To provide information requested by the board in order for the board to assess the performance of the organization and the achievement of the agreed strategy and budget.
• To work closely with the Director of Finance to provide an appropriate and satisfactory system for financial management reporting on a monthly basis.
• To ensure that a system is in place for effective communication with the executive management team and other employees.

Human Resources

• To develop equitable and effective Human Resource policies and procedures so as to ensure positive employee morale.
• To provide outstanding leadership and to communicate to all levels of the organization so as to create a positive corporate culture.
• To protect the interest and welfare of all the employees.
• To ensure that proper employee training programs are developed and delivered to ensure the employees have the skills and knowledge to be successful.
• To approve promotions, demotions, dismissals at levels below the senior leadership team.
• To recommend to the Board, all remuneration packages throughout the organization.
• To ensure that succession plans are in place for all areas of the organization.



• A personal passion for suicide prevention
• Previous experience at a senior executive level within a similar organization
• Post-secondary education in a related field
• Proven leadership and team building skills
• A broad base of experience in supporting various business functions, such as finance, marketing, human resources, information technology and communications
• Demonstrated experience in developing, coaching and managing high performance teams
• A demonstrated ability to work within a highly collaborative culture


• Recognized as an important contributor in the field of suicide prevention
• Knowledgeable in suicide prevention literature and best practices

If you are interested in pursuing this opportunity, please submit a resume to careers@westernhr.com or call (403) 215-2152 to discuss further.



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