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Field Service Technician

Location: Lower Mainland, BC
Date Posted: 05/02/2013

We are currently recruiting a Field Service Technician for our client Multivac Canada Inc. Multivac is a leading manufacturer of packaging solutions and has more than 3,300 employees worldwide. This position is based in the lower mainland and will report to the Technical Services Manager.
This position is responsible for troubleshooting, repairing and installation of MULTIVAC machines, MR labelers and potentially 3rd party equipment in Canada. To train customers on: The operation, maintenance and safety of the machines and to promote good customer relations. To ensure all work is completed to the customer’s total satisfaction. To project manage all work to an end from a customer service perspective working with various departments within the business. Reporting on a daily basis to the Helpdesk / Scheduler to keep the company up to date.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Call scheduler to receive messages and job assignments. Performance Measure: Consistently calls into the office on a daily basis
2. Install and Commission machines. Performance Measure: Installations are completed in a timely and complete manner, are technically sound and to the customers’ satisfaction. I ssues or Snag lists are owned and addressed. Installation document is filled in and signed off.
3. Train customers in operation, maintenance and safety of the equipment, taking care to follow specified procedures for safety instruction, and educate the customer how to contact our Spares or Service department. Performance Measure: Consistently follows safety procedures when training customers. Training customers so they are comfortable with operational, maintenance and safety procedures of their machine and making sure they understand their machine manual and how and who to reach at MULTIVAC should problems occur.
4. Troubleshoot and repair machines on site or over the phone (support). Performance Measure: Machines are repaired in a reasonable amount of time, customer expectations are satisfied in a cost-effective manner.
5. Fill out service and expense reports. Performance Measure: Reports are signed, completed and uploaded on a regular basis and consistently within guidelines. Expense reports have to be handed in as soon as possible.
6. Pro-actively work from Home-office when there is nothing scheduled, the company expects you to pro-actively approach known customers, which haven’t been visited by MULTIVAC in a long time (list can/ might be provided), having “ongoing” problems or to approach potential customers, who have MULTIVAC machines, but don’t use MULTIVAC Service or Spares. Performance Measure: when working from home-office submit report with activities for that day.
7. Travel to and from customer sites. Performance Measures: Consistently make travel arrangements per company policy and in the most cost effective and time efficient manner possible. Consistently keep customers informed of arrival times.
8. Correct working with provided means of communication. Performance Measures: Be available on your mobile communication device as much and in a timely manner as possible, given that there is signal availability. Use the provided computer to send and receive e-mails, synchronize with the server, update Service reports etc. in a timely manner.
Core Performance Expectations:
1. Ability to perform varied assignments – can handle a number of tasks. Is efficient and effective in all jobs and expresses no concern when called on to do another job. Is able to set goals and priorities appropriately.
2. Consistency – can be counted on to have work done and done thoroughly and accurately in a uniform basis.
3. Ownership – If and when problems occur, take ownership and won’t let go until solved and customer is fully satisfied.
4. Responsibility – ability to live up to the responsibility to the employer you have given the contract between yourself and the employer.
5. Ability to work under pressure – ability to get work done and in a manner that doesn’t interfere with others’ attempts to do the same.
6. Ability to work unsupervised. – being able to perform the job without supervision.
7. Teamwork/ internal customer service. Working productively with other groups to meet goals and solve problems.
8. Communicate ideas and information clearly and persuasively. Listens attentively and asks questions as appropriate.
9. Flexibility – ability to respond and adjust to changing or new situations. Maintain effectiveness in varying environments and with different tasks, responsibilities and people.
10. Technical/ professional expertise – knows and uses the appropriate technical skills. Keep up to date on changes in professional area of expertise.
11. Observance of organizational policies – supports the company/ department policies and work rules. Comply with company standards of conduct, Human Resources and safety policies.
12. Creativity – look beyond the routine to see more creative ways of doing the job. The ability to modify ideas to fit a particular problem or situation.
Preferred Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:
• Previous field service work experience preferred
• Analytic skills are a must
• Basic computer knowledge (Windows, MS Office, Lotus Notes)
• Blueprint and schematic reading skills
• Minimum of two years of packaging or maintenance experience.
• Electrical, pneumatic, mechanical, and machine shop skills.
Should you wish to apply for this position, please submit your resume to careers@westernhr.com.



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